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((Hello everyone.

I’m sure you all noticed that I haven’t been updating lately for the last couple of months.

Well, There are many reasons. There’s Laziness, and there’s the fact My tablet’s been on the fritz. It’s gotten so bad that I can’t  move the cursor with out it stiffly zigzagging all over the screen. I can’t draw with it like this. 

I have put a New Tablet onto my wishlist, So The Earliest I would be able to make an update would be shortly after Christmas. And If I don’t get it then, It probably won’t be for a couple of months. 

Milla and My Other Askblog will be on a Hiatus until I get a New Tablet. 

Stay Sweet Everyone. ))

thank you so much Darlings.

I am so glad to have such good friends like you to support me.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to be very active, I’ll be swamped with work for a wile.

Thank you all again. 

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